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What the 2024 Election is Really About - Beyond the Incumbent

Though most of what you will hear from me, is what I have heard from you and what I know to be true, as to what issues we need to address in Congress, I have a list of issues on what the Republican leadership stands for.  I know that my Republican friends do not support many of these issues, and we need to join hands in stopping the hard-liners that want control.  We need to return the Republican party leadership to a group that 'really' represents their people!

Our current representative is a follower and will vote against the 'will of the people', if instructed to do so, by the extreme right of the Republican House or President Trump.

Reviewing the list, you will see that they do not represent the majority of Americans, the concept of freedom and what we have come to expect from our government.

The current Republican leadership represents the following:

-Reducing/privatizing Social Security and Medicare,

-Reducing and delaying funds to Veterans and veterans services,

-Delaying Military decisions - compromising national security,(Tuberville)

-Delaying Department of Justice decisions - compromising rule of law,(Vance)

-Delaying Department of State decisions - compromising foreign policy,(Paul)

-Delaying Supreme Court appointments,(McConnell) 

-Shutting down government over legislative decision-making,

-Reducing social programs such as SNAP,

-Lacking respect for military sacrifices, and making derogatory remarks towards soldiers,

-Are against a Woman's right to choose the size and timing of her family,

-Have begun banning books, and threatening to penalize educators,

-Subverting the US Constitution, threatening to re-write it,

-Carrying out an Insurrection, based on a lie, and election denial,

-Pardoning convicted criminals they have conspired with,

-Lacking in belief in 'Law and Order' within the government,

-Tax Evasion is acceptable, 

-Fraudulent business practices are acceptable,

-Mishandling of foreign policy,

-Mishandling of domestic policy,

-Failure to address immigration policy, kids in cages, family separation, new threatening practices involving the military on the border,

-Failure to provide for infrastructure,

-Failure to improve healthcare,

-Failures during Pandemic in communications, misinformation, conspiracy theories, supply chain, and shutdowns,

-Discrediting governmental institutions - the military, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, educational institutions,

-Discrediting professional sports and athletes,

-Discrediting news sources and investigative journalists, causing threats and deaths of reporters,

-Embarrassing views on science and technology - 'nuking' hurricanes, bright lights to destroy Covid 19, as well as drinking bleach, taking veterinary medicines ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, masks and vaccines, staring at eclipses, Jewish space lasers causing wildfires, and raking forests to prevent wildfires, 

-Promises of revenge and retribution, and pardons for insurrectionists, if re-elected,

-Stated use of military to secure return to office,

-Continued use of threatening rhetoric to threaten and inspire attacks on opposition, judges, officials, witnesses, 

-Continued creation of disinformation and fraud to return to power, while accusing others of doing it,

-Speaking complimentary about dictators, Putin, Orban, Xi and Kim,

-Speaking harshly about our Allies, and third world as s**t h**e countries,

-Broke down supply chains, lost jobs, created trade war with China, placed tariffs on their goods,

-Giving tax breaks to wealthy, increasing national deficit,

-Withheld and would not return top secret documents, then lied about them,

-Multiple sexual misconduct allegations, and a civil verdict against,

-Reductions in funding and lack of support in any environmental protection,

-Cronyism at the highest levels of government, family in the White House, fossil fuel people in the EPA, and threats of more if elected again.

-We hear the former president say that he would seek revenge on all political and legal enemies, load the government with his own loyalists and make the power of our democracy, his own!  And has recently said that he will be a dictator on 'Day One', and is hoping for the economy to crash before the election!  

This was a list of what we are up against in 2024 - and I am hoping that my Republican friends read some of it and understand the difference between the choices that we make.  If you are a Republican, join us in preventing a 'total upheaval' of our government and the systems that have served us for more than two centuries.

tc in 2024


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